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Security Systems

Compu C is a leading developer of security surveillance & control systems for networked digital video & audio recording, video image pattern processing and digital data transmission. ISS systems can be integrated with access control systems, fire and life safety, and can be made compatible with virtually any third party security equipment. Having considerable scientific and engineering potential and significant experience in deployments of integrated security systems, the company continuously develops functional capabilities. of production, acquiring an advantage in the global market of video surveillance and security.


  1. Surveillance Camera: {CCTV – DVR} {IP – NVR}

We offer the latest in CCTV technology, specialising in the design and installation of high performance CCTV systems that meet your requirements. Choosing the right CCTV system and having it professionally installed will provide you with superior results and will in the long run save you time and money.

  1. Access Control:

We are one of the leading installers of Electronic Access Control Systems. Our installations are uniquely designed for each client, whatever the size. From simple stand-alone systems with one or two doors, through to fully networked installations with automatic time and attendance reporting that can be linked with payroll.

  1. Finger Print:

Biometric Fingerprint Attendance system is business attendance system for employees. System records attendance data of employees based on registered fingerprints. It is interactive GUI for adding efficiency and for automating organization procedures.