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Our Solutions Provider

1-System for control restaurant:

Compu C provides the market solution which especially designed for restaurant in factory easy to use graphical interface. Compu C provides a cost-saving solution on factory restaurant needs.

The Idea: of ​​the system

The employee put his finger on the fingerprint device and receive the printed and handed to the Person responsible for giving meals to get a meal.
When the employee put his finger on the fingerprint device the device give the printer order to print a paper containing the name employee and ID number and the name of your company, at the same time, the software on a fingerprint device record the movement that was printed and sent a copy of movement to the program on your computer through the Internal network.
This helps to get access to the report of the employee to have meal and therefore review with the company responsible for the restaurant to determine the number employees who have get the meal.

2- EDM (Electronic Door Management):

EDM System Stands For (Electronic Door Management).

Electronic: All The System Procedures will be handled electronically.

Door: The System Will Handle Door Access Only For the Authorized Drivers.

Management: The System Will Be Managed by High Graphically web UI Interface.
It is responsible for managing all gates management through controlling the access for every area and gain it is access only for the authorized Vehicles and be able to follow up all the movements through gates and be able to generate reports with accurate data to handle all movements within the controlled areas and through this system you can even record the gates movements with the system cam the system consist of three Items as following:

IP Cam: This Cam Is Responsible for recording all gates movements and record the authorized movements.

Access Control Card Reader: This Device Is Responsible For Reading The Cards At the Swipe and validate if this driver has credentials to enter this area or not if he has the access rights the Access Control Card Reader will contact with the arm machine and it will open the gate as the driver has access rights and the IP camera will be recording all this movements to be overviewed later for the observation purpose.

Arm Machine: After Validate the swiped card the arm machine will be opened as soon as the card reads .

3-Compu-EPM(Electronic Parking Management):-

The Idea: of ​​the system

The general idea is based on the ability to work an integrated system to manage garage and hotel is done through using of the following services: -

Gate: Gateway Italian industry with arm 4 meters.

Access Control: A device to open the gate and determine the time spent by the magnetic card.

Printer: Device to print the account statement drive.

Photo Cell: Unit to prevent the closure of the gate during the car's presence in the field of movement.

Camera: Camera for car registration numbers.

Button: A key to open the exit door of the car.

Alarm Light: Signal to alert the driver of the car.

Scanner: A scanner to get a picture of my license and driving traffic.

These devices are linked with each other through an electronic system works to provide the following:

The ability to control the opening and closing gates.

The ability to calculate the time it taken inside the garage

-To calculate the number of hours has taken.
- To calculate the time taken for the resident cars.
- To calculate monthly subscription for cars.

The ability to know the number of cars that entered and left the garage.

Ability to record data for every car (Car number – Image of driving license, Image of car license).

Ability to search for the car on the program by the car number.

The ability to see the car data, time of entry and exit, the image of metal units, driving licenses and traffic.

The ability to allow managers taking a number of times for visitors at no cost to them.

The ability to get a report (Shift - time - day .......... year - the user person).

The ability to calculate the time spent inside the garage and gives a statement for the time it takes.

The ability to know the number of full places and empty places.

The ability to control the system through a separate screen for the user and without seeing him.

The ability to print a statement of hours it takes as well as the client's desired price.

Being able to view reports from anywhere in the world where the system works in a way of WEB.

The ability to add a number of users in each shift.

4- ChattingSystem control::-

The Idea: of ​​the system

We will make program the user types the topic you want and then press enter to appear in front of the audience and then respond to another user and press enter to show the result and so on. Work will be linked.
to an internal network between users through wireless devices Accesses Point and linking the entire main server through which the management of the subject.